Starting Again…?

I’ve managed to start and quit a Blog numerous times. It never really lasts because I usually get discouraged or have no idea what to write.

I still don’t have a clue, but seeing as though I have a lot of time on my hands my ever encouraging partner (who has his hands full with studies and wants me out of the way) egged me on to do another blog. What would I do without him…probably much the same just without a wordpress page.

Quite honestly I really don’t know what I can and can’t do so I figured I’d just stick to what I’m good at which is being cynical, a foodie, a cosmetic fangirl, and a travel enthusiast. Cynicism  we can put aside for now and have it open to interpretations…I am a huge foodie and I love to eat, try new foods, cook and also make my partner a guinea pig in my newest creations. Good thing he hasn’t complained since he is pretty stuck with my cooking unless he decides to go out for a burger or pizza. A cosmetic fangirl due to the fact I’ve tried and tested numerous cosmetic products due to my weirdly sensitive skin. So far Korean cosmetics has done me wonders so that should be making a dominant appearance here. Travel enthusiast who wished she had more $$$ to use for that. Currently spending my time pondering how one could get free fights on business or first class around the world…unfortunately I don’t have a big enough bank account or a sugar daddy to support my day dreams. I guess I am also a fashion lover and whimsical tea drinker, but I can get to that later.

What exactly am I doing? Nothing. Literally nothing lately so hopefully this will be a good way for me to pass the time until I :

  1. win the lottery
  2. get a huge inheritance from a rich unknown relative
  3. get a job to support my habits

So far #3 seems to be the biggest possibility however much I am struggling with atm on the job search front.

I am pretty much failing from the start so in a way there’s no where to go but up from here!

Oh yeah I just moved to London a few months back in September so I’m a London newb…if you want to give me tips and how-to’s that would be awesome too 。” ゚☆,。・:*:・゚★o(´▽`*)/♪Thanks♪\(*´▽`)o゚★,。・:*:・☆゚”



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