ABOUT : Sushi and Stuff?

No matter where I go I always MUST find a :

  • Sushi Place
  • Fishmonger
  • Ramen Place
  • Izakaya
  • Korean Grocery Shop

In no real order of importance but Sushi does take up a lot of my search…I did managed to find a sushi place I liked in Singapore for lunch at a somewhat reasonable pricing (for Singapore that is). Was the go to place for out Saturday lunches when I could sneak in a reservation. Although the service was terrible (unless the Japanese wait staff was with you), the quality was good for the price and location so we returned there once in a while when we craved some chirashi. As for good sushi…I never really settled on a place so was a sushi searching gypsy trying to find my favorite place. Also the price was much higher in comparison to the chirashi place and I just could not justify a more regular use!

Before I go further I just have to clarify…

NORMAL Japanese people DO NOT do SUSHI (nigiri sushi 握り鮨) @HOME.

I say this because a lot of people ask me if I’d make them sushi at home some time, or come over and give them sushi lessons…

… (o´д`o)=3 sigh

Honestly if you ever have a Japanese friend please…don’t ever ask them that. Sushi is NOT something I would ever attempt at home and be good at it. There is a reason these guys at the sushi counter are there. It takes them over a decade to master their craft. Which also means an @home cook like myself would never ever claim I can make sushi to the quality of these masters. Although there is a 3 month school in Japan that teaches sushi…it’s quite intense and the amount of skill put in would be equivalent of a year of learning it…totally different case.

Therefore, as a child I was raised to think sushi is best eaten at a sushi place (not one that serves anything else other than sushi and sashimi with a few other seafood items and not one that has everything), and my mother would some times make chirashi or buy some sashimi cuts to do rolls at home. Now rolls (yes like temaki aka hand-roll 手巻き or California type rolls) are perfectly acceptable to do at home since it’s really up to the person. But a “REAL” nigiri 握り style sushi is best left to the professionals.

So please be kind and don’t ask your new Japanese friend if they would do sushi at home…they could but it’s more than likely they do the rolls or chirashi better than the nigiri…it’s just not the same!

Chirashi-don from Singapore

Again this is my personal opinion and I’m sure a lot of people would be happy to do sushi at home for you and not give you this lecture…but for me…I rather sit at a sushi counter with the 大将 in front of me making it one by one.

It tastes better that way. Trust me it is.

You just can’t get the quality and variety at home.

Also it’s like doing tempura at home…it’s not bad but some how it tastes much better at the tempura place. Each item is fresher and the tempura batter much lighter crispier when done by a professional.



*KGB and a lot of my non-Japanese friends who never lived/been to Japan asked me this and I give them the same explanation with a bit of a sigh…no, no I’m not angry but I just want to let people know it’s an art form to have a sushi which melts in your mouth as the rice unravels so cleanly you don’t have to chew it that much. The ones done by ordinary folks just feels a bit hard, and the vinegar too strong…but that’s the good side of @home sushi…you get to do it together with others and it’s more about the company rather than the taste(?).

Again this is my personal opinion and does not reflect the whole population of Japanese persons out there. So don’t sue me or be mean to other Japanese people!


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