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SKIN CARE: Ch-ch-Changes!

After moving to London KGB complained about his skin. Mind you neither of us have strong skin to begin with…we are more or less on the sensitive side with allergies and genetic conditions that make it more or less impossible to live without careful consideration for what we use (eg. shower gel, face wash, lotion, you name it). Our fall back is on items with “ceramide”, for sensitive skin and anything without lots of additives.

Considering we came from Singapore which has softer water than London. The mineral content in the water is less than the UK in general, but there is something in there. I think Japan has the best “soft” water, but I did grow up there so I am a bit biased.

Coming to a country with more mineral content in the water I just thought the mineral content was just messing with our skin. Although KGB reasons he comes from Italy and so it shouldn’t be the water…either way what we did in Singapore wasn’t working in London. We did come from hot & humid all year round to cold & dry with a side of gloomy.

Let’s go back a bit…and since I can’t speak for KGB, I will just get back to my situation.

My skin during the summer months in humidity tend to be on the oily side. My foundation would run a bit giving me with shiny spots. I use to think that I had oily skin, but as I aged and my budget to buy skincare items got a bit larger, it turns out my skin produced excessive sebum to compensate for the skin being dry. It was more an inner dryness as the moisture couldn’t penetrate the dry skin with the oily skin care items. The problem was if I used items with higher hydration my face would be excessively shiny…so I lived on thinking I had oily skin and my skin was in perfect condition during the winter time when it was cooler and dry.

Rare moment of sun in London!

I know better now but before I seriously hated summer time for messing with my skin…then again I wasn’t a huge fan of summer to begin with so it was a biased opinion. Guess summer just wasn’t doing it for me, my skin, or anything else that came with it. My allergies seemed to be better oppressed during the cooler months leaving me in better condition. So overall my body functioned better in the Autumn, Spring and Winter (with an exception of hay fever season during the spring).

The million dollar question was then WHY ON EARTH DID I GO TO SINGAPORE (the land of eternally humid and summer)?

Sigapore – a view from our place in 2016

Answer was simple : Because they gave me a job in Singapore.

Humidity was not my friend. My skin was shiny, and make up didn’t last.

Also the harsh A/C ridden indoors increased the inner dry factor making my pores larger.

Sun damage is also not your friend. Summer meant a lot of sun.

Your skin can develop a darker tint leading to increased melanin production (leading to age spots!). See its not ALL GOOD when you get a tan! I mean when you’re  young its not so bad when you have good skin turnover and regeneration, but as you get older…it just won’t do you any good.

Which means you always have to put on sunscreen. Another layer on the skin…leading to more clogged pores when you sweat with all that stuff on your face.

If you don’t have the most healthiest skin it is really not the ideal spot for anyone to be. If you stay in a hot humid country too long it can lead to :

  • Enlarged Pores
  • Age Spots
  • Excessive Sebum/Sweat

Although some of it may not be true for everyone, but the Age Spots are real! You know that uneven patch of discoloration on your face. Or that spot of darker skin after getting tanned? Those are what I’m talking about, an excessive production of melanin. Sun damage can also cause skin aging…making you look older…so not very good for ladies!

I know a lot of people made fun of me in Singapore because I use to carry a parasol or a sunbrella (as my friend likes to call it) when I walked around outside. This was on top of lathering myself with sunscreen, and after discovering sunscreen pills taking those as well. However, the way I looked at it…it was just getting ahead of the game a bit and ensuring that I don’t age my skin more than necessary.

Yes I put on sunscreen and carry a parasol on the beach…with a long sleeve cardigan.

Asian people tend to look younger than our actual age…especially the women. Koreans and Japanese girls are notorious for being ageless. The flawless looking skin, with the youthful glow. (Not bragging mind you!) Then we get made fun of for having tons of items with whitening effect, wearing long sleeves in the sun, carrying a parasol/sunbrella, and wearing sunscreen all the time.

I guess we just got ahead of the game a bit and took preventative measures to ensure we don’t damage the skin more than needed. Now I know its the craze most of the time to get tanned on tropical vacations, but that’s always not a good look. Sun damage is real! It’s just not something you can see immediately. I know Asian skin is a bit different and you can just write it off as good genetics, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Anti-aging and skin care can help to prevent things from getting worse. It’s not impossible to look ageless like the Japanese/Koreans!

Mind you Korean girls take this to the next level and we (Japanese) are just following in their foot steps…

I got in a bit later on in the game but late is better than never.

I use to just put on whatever was affordable and for oily skin, but after a while (with much research + trial & error) I settled on using specific items for certain situations, and changing my routine a bit to cater to changing factors (like environment and age). Also when you have a bigger budget to work with it gets a bit easier…now a days a lot of cosmetic counters have skin diagnosis to let you know what kind of condition your skin is in, statistics on the skin (hydration/oil content), along with areas of improvement needed. This will help in making decisions about what you need on your skin.

This is getting a bit long, so I’ll leave it at that and go through my routine in my next post!


One Question : What is your skincare routine, and is it really working for you?



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