LONDON : The Land of Fog

You almost forget how SH*T the weather cab be here in London…because it’s been so sunny and nice this weekend and the past few days before that.

It went from this on Saturday…


To this ↓ Monday morning…


Slightly sinister looking this morning when I woke up around 8:00 AM…

Let’s look at another view shall we?

It went from beautiful sunny sunset on Sunday with mild chills, letting us enjoy the on our cheeks…


To making me believe there may be a mass graveyard with zombies ready to pop out from the ground and come banging at our window…


What do you like doing on a foggy day?



I prefer to curl up in bed with a flashlight under my covers reading a science fiction novel or watch some detective movies…but that’s just me. Now it would be a perfect day if I had some soup for dinner. Something spicy to get my circulation going and burn off some fat with the hotness from the Chili as I decided to be a lazy BUM and not go on my exercise walk. If only we had more ingredients in the fridge to work with….(。-`ω´-)hmmm…


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