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THE FACE SHOP: Oil Control Water Cushion

Today I’d like to quickly go over the cushion foundation I’ve been using. Cushion Foundation has been all the rage a while back and I believe it hasn’t quite died down. It came after the BB cream phase where people were all about BB.

A cream that does everything from sun protection to covering imperfections?? SIGN ME UP!

For a while there was CC and so on for the creams but it wasn’t that much different from the BB creams. All the cosmetic brands did it even Bobby Brown and Chanel. So it had to be legit. Then Amore Pacific’s IOPE brand came out with the cushion foundation which did just that in a more convenient compact hands mess free version.

Wait so I no longer need to get my hands dirty when putting on foundation?? Now SIGN ME UP for that!

Now personally speaking I am not very good with the whole make up thing. When given a BB cream I tend to forget to blend or miss a spot when spreading…I’ve been told numerous times by my partner KGB “you got a little thing…there” or “you’re missing something”.  I know, I know I could just use one of those foundation sponges or something but…well I’m pretty damn lazy and I also hate spending so much time in front f a mirror doing my make  up. If I could be done in 5 min or less that would totally be ideal!

So when the cushion foundation hit it saved me a bit from the awkward cream not blending situation not ever having the whole line between the cream versus skin. Let’s just say until they come out with a spray or an automatic make up applicator this will be my go to!

THE FACE SHOP Oil Control Water Cushion #V203 Natural Beige [Kakao Friends Ryan Summer Edition]*
Today I’m going to introduce the Oil Control Water Cushion by THE FACE SHOP. I haven’t been using it that long since I moved to London and the climate is completely different from that of Singapore, but it does have a few good factors that I think humid weather residents with combo skin situation would appreciate.

I got the Kako talk version which was cute with the bear like lion character Ryan on it, but it was on discount so really I had no excuse to not buy it at this point. It was about 20% less than the original price with a refill. The one thing you should always check on these cushions is whether or not they have a refill. It’s always  nice when they do but it shouldn’t be a deal breaker either.

Even the cushion pads have the Kako talk character Ryan (the fluff less lion)
V#203 Color

Product Specifics as follows↓

▶Manufacturer : LG Household & Healthcare

▶ Country of origin : Republic of Korea

▶ Volume : 15 g

▶ Product description

  • Pure and clear water and pure oxygen water gives vitality on tired skin giving bright clear skin finish.
  • Cotton powder with sebum absorbing blooming rose control sun sebum with Citrus unshiu Markovich ingredient to prevent from darkening and stickiness.
  • Long lasting cushion light on skin and strong on sweat and sebum.
  • Contains micro foam™ to give even and fit application with moisture.

Taken from :

For  something less than $20 it isn’t a bad deal. You can see on my skin that it’s a bit more yellow than the skin tone, but when blended it blends quite well without being too dark.

You can see me spreading the cushion over the lower part of my thumb.
When blended you can see that my skin tone becomes a bit more matte and doesn’t look too off from the original coloring.

Besides the fact my hands have not been well hydrated…the cushion does a pretty good job of blending in with my original coloring. Unlike a lot of foundations it is quite powdery to the touch without being too cakey. You can probably go 2 rounds of it without it looking too make up like. It may not be moist enough for the London dry cool weather, but for a humid summer it works quite well. It’s SPF 50+ PA+++ which means you will be well protected from most of the sun’s activities during the day. Preventative measures for your skin no doubt.

The best part for me was that cushion foundations were a one step solve all or the last step to the make up situation. Before you had to go on with the powder to press the stickiness of the cream, but with this it just gives a light final finish without it being too overly done. Of course you can touch up later with a powder or if you should need to blush on a light layer of powder on top of the cushioned skin to give it a ore powdery finish.

Personally I’m lazy and hate too much stuff on my skin so I let it be after it’d one.

Later in the day I just whip out the cushion foundation after pressing it with an oil control sheet or some tissue, done and done. If I feel ambitious I just go light with a powder instead but let’s get realistic I just leave it as is until the day’s done…true story.

This little cushion is a good alternative to the cream foundation + powder regimen. After all it’s only about $15+ which won’t  break the bank. If all else fails you can just chuck it and move on.

What do you think?


*please note I bought this back in July 2016 in Singapore…which means you may or may not be able to find the same exterior with the Kakao talk character on it. However, you will be able to find the ‘normal’ edition of the Oil Control Water Cushion online or in stores, so fear not. However you may be able to still find it on Amazon, Korea Depart or Qoo10. Honestly I think you can still find it in THE FACE SHOP in stores so why not get out and take a look.


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