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BREAKFAST : Yogurt…your gut’s best friend!

I will be the first to admit, I am NOT a breakfast person.

I am most definitely a morning person (and also a night owl, just not a mid day kinda gal). I can get up before the alarm goes off and if needed drag KGB out of bed luring him with the smell of coffee. Although lately without much motivation to get out of bed early I’ve been enjoying my lazy mornings lounging in bed…but that’s getting off the topic.

Honestly, I am never that hungry in the morning. Usually when I have free breakfast with my hotel stays it goes to waste. On the off chance I use it, I just grab a cup of tea with my morning paper and leave once my tea is finished.

Growing up my mother made us breakfast, the traditional Japanese kind with miso soup/grilled fish/pickled veggies and what not. So it wasn’t like I was deprived in the morning with sugared cereal and breakfast bars (not saying those are bad, but the time that went into my mother’s breakfast was insane compared to a box of cereal). However, o matter how elaborate the spread was I just sat down and maybe sipped on some soup and ate the pickled veggies and just left the table once everyone was done.

Once I hit college and went out of the home, I realized that the continental breakfast did NOT agree with me, neither did the Southern American diet. Grits was really not my thing and biscuits & gravy although a great idea really not something I could stomach in the morning…Never really liked eggs and bacon either…thinking back my Japanese diet was not something that did well for me in college. I think that was the most unhealthy portion of my life when I just deprived myself of food because it was just too greasy/buttery for my stomach to digest. I did survive college so that’s the good news, but the only thing I really liked and continued to eat afterwards was yogurt.

Now there are plenty of studies that show yogurt is great for your gut and how the lacto bacteria is a key to having a healthy intestines…yada-yada-yada…so I won’t bore you with the details. And if you really wanted to I’m sure there are plenty of materials out there you can look up on the benefits of yogurt.

Lately I’ve been hooked on Icelandic Yogurt (Skyr)…before that it was Greek Yogurt. Unfortunately Skyr wasn’t really available in Asia so it’s quite recent that I was really hooked on it. They did have varieties of Greek Yogurt, but it’s only the commercial kind (like Danon and such). Asia isn’t the most cow product powerhouse of the world compared to say France, Italy or the UK where grass land is abundant and cows have been a major part of the dietary supplements (cheese anyone?). Think when I went to Paris for the first time years ago I was baffled by the amount of milk products the grocery store had. Never in my life have I seen such a long refrigerator display of cheese, yogurt, and milk!

Then again I am lactose intolerant like most Asians so that maybe why I was never so enthusiastic about milk products and really didn’t pay attention…?

But that one trip and also stumbling onto my ultimate favorite yogurt at Monoprix in Paris (the awesome caramel like flavor pot of yogurt I still buy every time I visit Paris) I was hooked. Although the selections of yogurt products in Japan/Hong Kong/Singapore wasn’t the best it is what it is. Also I wasn’t one to go to those expensive import stores completely out of my way just to get a thing of yogurt…therefore I just bought the store label.

One thing I really like about living in the UK is that although not as extensive as France there is a good selection of lactose products at Tesco. I even found Skyr on sale which was kind of nice.

Recently I’ve managed to take along walk to WholeFoods for exercise and found my current favorite yogurt. La fumière, which WholeFoods stocks in 5 flavors :

  1. Original
  2. Honey
  3. Citrus
  4. Berries
  5. Vanilla (my current favorite!)

It is a nice size for breakfast even for me who doesn’t eat all that much. Also I love that it comes in a nice ceramic container, which I later use as my tea cup…yes it’s about the same size as Japanese tea cups so it’s perfect for my green teas!

It’s French so naturally not the cheapest, but hey it’s well worth it!

I like that the containers come in multiple colors blue, white and red. I now have a set of 2 each. KGB is not so keen on me eating more as he says “what are we going to do with them, and where are we going to put them?” Storage is limited so I do see his point…but it’s so good! Plus I rather like these ceramic pots than the plastic ones we throw away since it seems less wasteful.

See it’s a cute ceramic pot!!

I think the trick is trying to open once of these without having so much of the sealant on the rims…I usually try to scrub them off since it sucks as a cup if its still there. However I’ve managed to fail at the peel so my cups are still jagged with sealant…I’ll get on scrubbing it off sometime.

It has a thick texture, but it’s more creamy than jello. Also this is not the best pic…my bad!

The flavor is quite subtle and for the ones with fruit the fruit jam is at the bottom so you need to mix it a bit for equal distribution. The honey and vanilla flavors aren’t over powering and I really like that there are vanilla beans in the vanilla flavored ones. So you know that it’s just not coming from cheap vanilla syrup.

It’s a good size that fits well in my morning routine. Not over powering, but a subtle uplifting moment of zen that I enjoy.

You have to give it to the French…they do know their milk products. (Italians too for some things!-obligated to say that since KGB is Italian and also he hates the French for some reason)

It does cost £1.75 which is a lot compared to the cheap Tesco ones…but it is well worth the price. I also saw it at Harrods for £2.25 so I think WholeFoods is the way to go really in terms of price!

Come to think of it I could go for some yogurt…maybe I’ll pop by WholeFoods and get some on my weekend walk today or tomorrow ヾ(´▽`*;)ゝ”

Why not make your plain breakfast a bit more colorful with a cute pot of yogurt. Hey it’s good for you! It’ll make you strong! (I think..?)

Have a great weekend!


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