DAILY LIFE : So what does one do?

Recently our house was flooded by the washing machine and also by a clogged pipe. Living in a Victorian conversio is beautiful (exterior wise) but our owner isn’t the most up to date on the property since they intend to sell it (overseas rich Chinese owners is our prediction since they live in China/HK with a very Chinese name).

We moved in with already a semi-clogged pipe which doesn’t drain well…so when the washer flooded the kitchen it was a moment where we just looked out in awe.

What does one do at this point?

Frantically call/email the land management company who now has to contact the owners for repairs…therefore it took over a week of no washer for us to finally have an engineer take a look. It might have also helped that our downstairs neighbor was coming down with a water stained ceiling…so they were hassling the management company to get on the case with us. It was a joint venture.


They sent a repair man several times to look at the pipes, which didn’t seem to be doing much but their job. Then the washer flooded so an engineer came to fix it. However, the washer decided to not flood so now it was a case of he said she said situation. Hopefully our washer doesn’t completely blow up while we are running it and we live through our tenancy.

Think at this point we vowed to never live in an old place which hasn’t been renovated…for decades and just been up held with small fixes.

Unlike KGB who is very happy with rentals for the rest of his life I do want to own a place someday so it was a good wake up call. Guess if I convert the interior along with the pipes and all the plumbing upto date it wouldn’t be that big of a deal. Although it might cost in the beginning it may save a lot of heart ache and issues along the way.

Moral of the story : if renting rent a newer place or check all the sinks/plumbing before signing on locked in for a year.

Anyone else have issues with their housing?



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