DAILY LIFE : Unmotivated or just Lazy?

I think we all go through ups and downs…not sure if it’s the weather (weirdly London has been shiny and sunny which kind of freaked me out in a good way), or just me?

Yes I know…I’ve been neglecting writing since I felt depressed about how uneventful and totally boring my life was. It’s weird how you see social media lie Facebook and Instagram with abundance of people who just seem to get their life together living awesome daily lives…then you look at exhibit A (yourself) and go “what the hell am I doing?” get depressed…repeat…

But one thing my friend told me that really stuck to me was :

  1. People seem like they have their act together but reality might not be the case (social media is afterall just fow show)
  2. Those who look like they have awesome lives may not have any privacy as a result of their exposure
  3. Just because you’re not out there like others doesn’t mean your life is meaningless…you just have to figure out what you like and stick with it

Well damn…I guess it’s just all mental afterall!

I know it’s so simple yet so easily forgotten when you get stuck in a rut. Guess everyone goes through a rough patch once in a while so no biggy. Just have to keep going forward.

On a side note I did take a DSLR course which was awesome a few weeks back. Now I feel a bit more confident about using my manual settings. More on that in my next post (once I get around to it).

The sunny weather has me in a good mood since the laundry will dry faster. Clean clothes are a good thing! Also with the temperature warming up I can now clean my heavy coats put them away into the abyss until net year moving out to less bulky stuff.

Now funny thing is…I only have heavy duty winter stuff and summer light clothing. This is partly because well we lived in Singapore so summer clothing is understandable. However I did like to go on random cold country trips so naturally I just got the heavy duty gear (snowboarding although not very good I need to go more often) and figured I could lighten up inside.

Technically I have no readon to be a BUM inside the house as KGB tells me, but I am unotivated to do anything…another thing that worries me is that my UK residence has been in submission for the past 4 months and I haven’t heard a word…guess some say no news is good news…but in this case I just would feel a bit more at ease knowing they are processing it or rejecting it.

Guess only time will tell?

In other news I am working on gluten-free and healthy recipes along with smoothies so guess I’m not entirely lazy (?).

Spring is approaching which I am loving since I now can see flowers blooming in the streets. When I do make an effort to go out I love to walk randomly into the side streets so that I can see the trees newly blooming with flowers. High Street Kensington has a lot of side streets with beautiful houses and trees.

What is your current favorite location for flower blooming?



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