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TECHNOLOGY : Hackers…and stuff….

I recently received a message from an acquaintance on Line (a chat program popularly used in Asia – Japan/South Korea) asking me if I was free.

Naturally I hate to be rude so I said yes. Then they followed by asking me if I could buy some Bitcash for them at the convenient store…I had no idea what Bitcash was so I looked it up online. Most of my acquaintances know that I live in the UK therefore it was a bit suspicious to me that they would be asking me to buy them a card for Japan in London…(suspicion is a bit higher and very weirded out)…when I tell them I don’t think I can in the UK, they asked me instead ot buy some iTunes card…now why would someone ask me to buy $500 worth of iTunes card in the UK? Wouldn’t they know it’s in £-British Pounds?

Now I am totally weirded out at this time as their Japanese messages start to sound really weird and broken.

I draw the conclusion it is probably someone who isn’t anyone I know.

Turns out someone has hacked the person’s account and have been using it to solicit online currency via these cards.

I have always been a bit sketched out in regards to online security, but this kind of really brings it home. It is thought to be a secure platform…so we put our details like email and such to keep the account. Unlike whatsapp you can link it with an email to solidify the account and take it with you when you change phones. Theoretically nice, in practice there is the chance you can get hacked.

Much like all your other accounts it can be hacked.

Guess nothing is really safe from anyone trying to take advantage of the newly installed technologically advanced future we are heading for. Which makes me want to go back to the good old analog days and take myself offline…

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 17.27.33

Would it be possible to take myself completely offline? Now that may be a challenge.


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