DAILY LIFE : So what does one do?

Recently our house was flooded by the washing machine and also by a clogged pipe. Living in a Victorian conversio is beautiful (exterior wise) but our owner isn’t the most up to date on the property since they intend to sell it (overseas rich Chinese owners is our prediction since they live in China/HK with… Continue reading DAILY LIFE : So what does one do?

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BREAKFAST : Yogurt…your gut’s best friend!

I will be the first to admit, I am NOT a breakfast person. I am most definitely a morning person (and also a night owl, just not a mid day kinda gal). I can get up before the alarm goes off and if needed drag KGB out of bed luring him with the smell of… Continue reading BREAKFAST : Yogurt…your gut’s best friend!

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FISHMONGER : La Petite Poissonnerie

So where was I? Before I went on a rant about my sushi likings…ah yes! I found a fishmonger here in London that does fresh sashimi! Not just letting me buy a chunk of what they claim to be “sashimi grade” tuna/salmon (like most fish places) but a whole sashimi platter v(。・ω・。)yay♪ Most fishmongers here when you… Continue reading FISHMONGER : La Petite Poissonnerie