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BREAKFAST : Yogurt…your gut’s best friend!

I will be the first to admit, I am NOT a breakfast person. I am most definitely a morning person (and also a night owl, just not a mid day kinda gal). I can get up before the alarm goes off and if needed drag KGB out of bed luring him with the smell of… Continue reading BREAKFAST : Yogurt…your gut’s best friend!

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FISHMONGER : La Petite Poissonnerie

So where was I? Before I went on a rant about my sushi likings…ah yes! I found a fishmonger here in London that does fresh sashimi! Not just letting me buy a chunk of what they claim to be “sashimi grade” tuna/salmon (like most fish places) but a whole sashimi platter v(。・ω・。)yay♪ Most fishmongers here when you… Continue reading FISHMONGER : La Petite Poissonnerie